Minimal net wage 271 dinars per hour starting from 1 January 2024

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Payroll | 0 comments

Government of Republic of Serbia decided new minimal wage to be 271 dinars of net salary per hour starting from 1st January 2024.

Employers who are paying less than this are obliged to offer an increase to their employees and annex the labor contracts for 2024.

Minimal net salary in 2024 will go from 43.360,00 din a month (in months with 20 working days) up to 49.864,00 din a month (in months with 23 working days).

Defined minimal wage relates to full time jobs and standard working norms. It represents basic salary, on top of which employer must pay warm meal addition and annual leave reimbursement.

Paying minimal wages is strictly defined by the Labor Law of Republic of Serbia. It can be implemented only if the employer is facing financial problems and not more than 6 months in a row.

The untaxable amount of salary is also updated and will be 25.000 dinars starting from 01.01.2024.



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