Can I register a company in Serbia if I am a foreigner?

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Yes – foreign citizens can register a company in Republic of Serbia, without any specific limitation.

The most common type of business entity that has limited liability in Serbia is limited liability company (in Serbian: društvo ograničene odgovornosti).

Company registration is conducted in Serbian Business Register Agency. Before submitting registration request, you should create founding act for your company.

The founder of a limited liability company can be a foreign person or foreign entity (for example foreign limited liability company).

In each case, limited liability company registered in Serbia will be considered a domestic business entity (with foreign ownership).

This company will have the same rights and obligations as companies founded by domestic entities, in general.

There is an exception.

The company will be obligated to submit report to National Bank of Serbia. The report is called DI-1 report.

This report is submitted quarterly in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. It contains general data and indicators of company capital.

This report servs to gather statistical data about foreign investments in Serbia and has no further repercussions on a company submitting it.

Aside from foreign owners, the company can have foreign directors, also.

In some cases, company will be obliged to pay social security contributions for directors and/or owners, so be sure to check this issue with your accountant.


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